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There are many reminder apps available on the store. However, for the majority of them:

  1. Setting the reminder requires typing text. Users on the go will find it difficult to type on many occasions.
  2. Understanding the content of a reminder notification requires picking up the phone and looking at the notification, which can be distracting and inconvenient.
  3. Time picker implementations, although often simple, require multiple clicks to set the time.



Introducing Voice Memo - the practical mobile app that makes setting reminders a breeze. With Voice Memo, you can record your own personalized reminders and set alarms for them to play at a specific time and date. No more tedious typing or sifting through text notifications on your phone.

To make the process of setting reminders as smooth and seamless as possible, we decided to allow users to record their reminders as voice notes. These voice notes will be played back at the designated time and date, eliminating the need for tedious typing and making it easier for users to set reminders while on the go. When the reminder is played, the user will immediately know what it is about.

Next, we tackled the issue of time selection. Android's native time pickers require multiple clicks to set the time, which can be time-consuming. So we built a custom picker wheel, making selecting the time for reminders easy and natural.

We released the app and continued to improve it based on user feedback and analytics data. This allowed us to further simplify the user experience and make the app even more user-friendly.



Voice Memo has been well received by users, as shown by the fact that it has a rating of 4.4 stars and a high day 1 retention rate of 38.5%. The average number of sessions per user is 6.9, and the average time per session is 2.2 minutes, indicating that the app is being used frequently and for relatively long periods of time.

The development required significantly complex technical solutions to create a reliable reminder app that is easy to use. Voice Memo represents our approach to development. We believe in creating clean interfaces that conceal advanced technology, and we are committed to continuously improving the apps we make based on user research and behavior.


Mona Horowitz

Google Play Review

LOVE LOVE LOVE it ❤ looked for this for YEARS. please add ability to schedule alarm for a specific date in future. I would be happy to pay for pro. 😘