Our client was determined to revolutionize the process of giving away items for free with an intuitive mobile app. Their vision was to create a digital platform where people could effortlessly distribute their unused goods, thereby fostering an environment of community spirit and sustainability.



App workshop
Our team commenced the project with a detailed app workshop. This interactive meeting provided us an opportunity to thoroughly understand the client's vision and map out a functional and aesthetic blueprint for the application. We conducted user journey mapping, UI/UX designing, and finalized the app's features during this stage.

Utilizing the Flutter framework, we created a cross-platform app that ensured seamless performance on both iOS and Android platforms. For the backend, we opted for the Spring framework. This Java-based framework allowed us to build a scalable, reliable backend infrastructure to manage the app's diverse functions, such as item listing, user profiles, and community interactions.



The completed application boasted a suite of features specifically designed to cater to our client's unique needs. These included geolocation capabilities for locating nearby items, a swift and intuitive process for creating user profiles, and an easy-to-use interface for adding and reserving items. A real-time chat solution was also implemented to facilitate seamless user interactions. This, coupled with the integration of a secure map function, made it simple for users to find and reserve items in their locality.Moreover, we implemented a user rating system to enhance trustworthiness and reliability within the community. To keep users updated on their reservations, items of interest, and relevant activities, a push notification system was added. Each feature was carefully crafted and implemented to ensure an exceptional user experience.


Woosh is an excellent team to work with. They are highly skilled and very committed to the project. They were very responsive to our needs throughout the whole process.