Our client is a software development company specialising in custom solutions for the property industry. They needed a mobile application that streamlines and automates the accreditation process for compliance documentation for contractors.



We developed Credensa.
Where contractors can access the list of required documentation for their offering by simply creating a business profile and selecting the type of services they provide, after uploading, documents are reviewed by agents who can either approve them or flag problems for a contractor to handle.

App workshop
We began by translating the idea into requirements and user flows during several sessions with the client. We thoroughly examined the problem domain and established the features needed for the MVP.

To support iOS and Android with a single code base, we used the cross-platform Flutter framework. Weekly sprints were used to divide the development process, and we closely collaborated with the client's team in charge of the backend.



The project was completed in just two months, which was a great result considering the complexity of the app. The client was extremely happy with the final product. In addition to delivering the app, we also provided training to the client's team on mobile design and development  best practices, allowing them to continue updating and maintaining the app on their own. This transfer of knowledge was an important part of the project, as it enabled the client to become self-sufficient in their mobile app development efforts. Overall, the success of this project demonstrates our ability to not only deliver high-quality mobile apps, but also to provide the support and expertise needed for clients to succeed in the mobile space.


I would absolutely recommend Woosh for any mobile app development project. Their team is talented, and they know what they're doing. They made the whole process really smooth for us, and we're thrilled with the results.